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Bloodhound to use Spinnaker’s tracking technology.

The Bloodhound SSC and support vehicle fleet will be using Spinnaker’s unique tracking technology as part of their low speed testing later this year. The Bloodhound will be visiting Newquay later in 2017 in order to conduct low speed systems testing. As part of that testing, Spinnaker will be supplying a specialised tracking system to […]

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Bloodhound SSC comes to Cornwall

From the 3rd August to the 20th October, the Bloodhound Supersonic Car can be seen at the Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro. In 2017 the Bloodhound will undergo testing at Newquay airport before heading out to South Africa to attempt to smash the world land speed record by travelling at 1,000mph on 12 mile straight in the […]

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