Press Release: Spinnaker security technology neutralises cash in recent ATM robbery.

Saltash, Cornwall, 8th April 2020

ATMs belonging to Allied Irish Bank (AIB) and Ulster Bank in Dundalk, Ireland were attacked early on the morning of 4th April. The ATMs were ripped from the bank branches using heavy plant machinery and loaded onto a getaway vehicle. Despite various delay and diversionary tactics, the criminals were apprehended over the border in Northern Ireland. Three arrests were made in a joint police force operation and the individuals were remanded into police custody.

The estimated value of the stolen cash was €240,000 (US $261,000). The damage to the bank branches is still being calculated. The AIB ATM was equipped with Spinnaker’s a2m cash degradation technology and CrimeTag, Spinnaker’s DNA forensic marking product. The stolen cash was permanently stained with security dye and CrimeTag, rendering the money unusable and easily traceable.

a2m detects physical attacks on an ATM and responds by staining banknotes with a combination of glue and/or security dyes and forensic markers.

Customers are deploying Spinnaker systems equipped with multiple security dye colours/types or glue and dye to high risk areas. This combination of cash neutralisation methods is known as “complex degradation” and has been installed on the a2m ATM cash protection cassettes and the iBox, Spinnaker’s cross pavement cash box. “CrimeTag”, our own forensic protection technology is fully compatible with these complex degradation systems making it a simple matter to link a piece of evidence to a specific robbery, aiding in convictions and return of stolen notes to their owner for repatriation with the issuing bank, avoiding expensive insurance claims.

Commercial Director, Richard Wood: “we are delighted in the speedy capture of the individuals involved in this attack and the success of the joint operation between the Gardaí and the Police Service of Northern Ireland. The fact that Spinnaker’s cash protection technology removed the value from the stolen banknotes, making the robbery pointless is very satisfying.”

Cash stained, or glued by Spinnaker products can be returned to the issuing bank for repatriation. Complex degradation is compatible with all types of banknote.


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