Spinnaker has been repeatedly chosen to be an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for major providers in the global cash industry. Diebold Nixford, Crane/MEI and Gunnebo have all chosen Spinnaker to manufacture dedicated cash security products that protect their products against robbery and fraud.

We were selected to become official OE manufacturers after rigorous selection processes which evaluated our ideas, our facilities, processes and the quality of our products.

OEMX cassette

An ink protected Diebold Nixdorf Cineo cassette. The cassette detects different kinds of physical attack and responds by spraying the cash contained within each cassette with an indelible security ink. The OEMX is based on Spinnaker’s highly successful a2m platform which protects hundreds of millions of euros in cash every day.

SafePay closed cash deposits with ink protection

“SafePay…is the perfect closed cash deposit solution for customers using services from a cash in transit (CIT) company. The Cash deposited from the SafePay Cassettes is stored in a Grade III safe and is never accessed until it is collected by a CIT company.” Gunnebo.

The cash is collected at the point of sale and transferred to the back office in an ink protected Safepay cassette. The cash is then transferred via a note feeder into the SafePay iBox.

Spinnaker was approached to create the ink protection system for the cassette and a dedicated iBox designed to work only with the Gunnebo SafePay.

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r2m intelligent deposit cassette

r2m is an intelligent deposit-only SCL cassette that protects cash at the point of sale and throughout the cash handling cycle. OEM approved, the r2m is an add-on for the MEI SC note acceptor range.

Used extensively with smart safe business models, r2m enables providers to use smaller, lighter safes, deter theft and operate low profile cash-in-transit operations.

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