IBNS – for the love of banknotes

The International Banknote Society has published the winner of it’s prestigious ‘Banknote of the Year’ award for 2016. The Swiss National Bank was voted this eminent distinction for the 50 franc note.

With over 120 banknotes issued in 2016, the competition was significant with runners-up including the Maldives Islands 1000 Rufiyaa tortoise/whale shark; Argentina’s 500 Peso Jaguar and the Royal Bank of Scotland’s £5 polymer note.

The new Swiss 50 Franc note is the first new issue from the Swiss national bank in 20 years. This note features the wind and national experiences as themes. Future series will depict time, light, water, matter and language. The notes use the proprietary Durasafe® three layer substrate technology which maximises note longevity and security.

Some of the runner up designs can be found here.