Explosive ATM attacks – criminals ordered to pay damages

“TWO men who blew up an ATM in Waroona and fled with more than $120,000 in cash have been jailed…

…The Supreme Court of WA was told on Monday that in December 2013, Gray and another offender blew up a Bendigo Bank ATM in Byford.

The explosion caused significant damage to the machine and surrounding building, but the offenders couldn’t access any cash and fled in a stolen Holden Commodore…

…After they failed to get into the machine following two explosions and smashing a glass window with a sledgehammer, the men drove a stolen Holden Commodore ute through the bank’s front doors.

They then stole the ATM’s cash box, which contained $121,700.

The stolen ute was found burnt out near Mandurah later that day. Inside the vehicle, police found an ATM dispenser mechanism, a blow torch tip, set of boltcutters and a grinding disc.

Just hours after the robbery, police found Gray and Davison at a Safety Bay property with $101,400 of the stolen cash, some of which had melted.

Members of the public handed in $6800 of the stolen cash, with $13,500 unrecovered…

…Compensation orders were sought for the damage caused and the outstanding stolen cash — $274,000 for the Byford incident and $126,000 for the Waroona incident.

Justice Jenkins granted these orders despite admitting the men would be unlikely to be able to pay for it…”


Reported in www.perthnow.com.au.