CrimeTag forensic technology

CrimeTag is a forensic asset marker the tags physical assets with a unique DNA signature. Developed for the cash industry, CrimeTag is a cost effective, invisible, non-hazardous liquid which can be used with ATM protection systems, cash degradation devices, fogging systems or to mark valuable goods.

What is CrimeTag?

CrimeTag’s forensic technology makes it easy to detect stolen items; trace ownership and provide an evidential link between a suspect and stolen goods.

How it works

CrimeTag can be added to Spinnaker cash protection products during manufacture. Each product has its own unique sample. When the product is activated, the cash is covered in a mixture of permanent security ink and CrimeTag. The ink provides a visual deterrent and CrimeTag marks the cash at a forensic level. The mixture will transfer from one surface to another, tagging criminals when they handle stolen goods.


It is easy to detect the presence of CrimeTag on suspected stolen items, using a specific device. CrimeTag samples will respond to specific light frequencies and give a ‘presence positive’ response.


Once the presence of CrimeTag has been established, forensic analysis of the sample can be performed. This will link the recovered sample with the original sample and the Spinnaker equipment it was supplied with. This forensic identification forms part of a chain of evidence that can be used in court to link evidence or an individual to a specific crime.


CrimeTagged equipment is clearly marked. These warnings serve as a deterrent, informing criminals that there is no benefit to be had from attacking this piece of equipment.


iBox, a high capacity, intelligent cash protection box with ink degradation for the secure transport and storage of cash.

iBox RDS

An intelligent, deposit only cash protection box with ink degradation.

iBox a2m

Ink protected ATM cassettes with the ability to detect and respond to physical attacks by staining their contents with indelible security ink.

iBox SafePay

iBox SafePay, an integrated component of the Gunnebo ‘closed cash cycle’ retail solution. It captures the cash deposited into the SafePay unit and holds it securely until the iBox is collected and emptied.