Compatible with all brands of ATM, core protects against explosive gas attacks and pull-out attempts. With explosive gas neutralisation, security alerts and sophisticated tracking, core protects against ATM crime.

Track and recover stolen ATMs

core’s sophisticated tracking system tracks and helps recover stolen ATMs.  Using GSM, GPS, GLONASS and RF signals, core pinpoints the location of the missing asset accurately.

ATM attack alerts

core detects explosive gas attacks and the ‘tilt and turn’ movements which indicate a pull-out attempt. When the ATM is under attack, core activates and sends silent alerts and status reports to the ATM control centre.

ATM gas attack suppression

To ward off explosive gas attacks and keep cash safe, core is equipped with a gas neutralisation system. This immediately releases a suppressant to neutralise explosive gases. core’s design means repeated attacks can be neutralised.

Fast deployment

core can be quickly installed by a bank employee either during replenishment or in response to risk assessments.  As the risk profile changes, core can be quickly moved around the ATM estate.

Protection from explosive gas attacks

core will detect and neutralise explosive gas attacks whilst notifying you of the attempted attack. In the event of a pull-out attack an optional tracker will monitor the position and alert to the ATM’s location.

ATM estate protection

core offers a new way of protecting your ATM estate from risk.

Rapid deployment

core does not require special training to operate and can be deployed by bank staff. ATMs require no pre-installation of additional equipment.

Gas attacks

Different criminals present different risks. core can protect against multiple explosive attacks.

Tracking and recovery

Track and recover your missing assets and help apprehend criminals with CrimeTrack. Accurate global tracking using GSM, RF, GPS and GLONASS.


iBox, a high capacity, intelligent cash protection box with ink degradation for the secure transport and storage of cash.

iBox RDS

An intelligent, deposit only cash protection box with ink degradation.

iBox a2m

Ink protected ATM cassettes with the ability to detect and respond to physical attacks by staining their contents with indelible security ink.

iBox SafePay

iBox SafePay, an integrated component of the Gunnebo ‘closed cash cycle’ retail solution. It captures the cash deposited into the SafePay unit and holds it securely until the iBox is collected and emptied.