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Currency Associations welcome decision by EU to suspend legislation on Cash Payment Limitations

Currency Associations welcome decision by EU to suspend legislation on Cash Payment Limitations “No link between cash and the financing of crime and terrorism” Brussels, June 20, 2018 Associations related to cash and currency ATM Industry Association (ATMIA), European Security Transport Association (ESTA), European Intelligent Cash Protection Association(EURICPA), International Currency Association (ICA) andIntergraf,  welcomed the decision by the […]

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Join us at HSP LatAm

Spinnaker will be exhibiting at High Security Printing Latin America next week. Join us in the Dominican Republic to learn more about intelligent cash protection and it’s role in combating cash loss. HSP LatAm link    

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Afghan flag

Afghanistan to consider introducing polymer banknotes

The Central Bank of Afghanistan (CBA) is assessing a proposal to print plastic banknotes for the country.  Studies by the CBA show that annually banknotes to the value of 3.3 billion AFN (US$ 47.7M) are aging and falling out of use. The issue of torn and mutilated banknotes is having significant implications for the national economy. […]

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Wir alle lieben Bargeld, für jetzt.

No other nation in Europe likes paying with Bargeld as much as Germans do.  According to a report by Barkow consulting, only around 5% of transactions in Germany are made by credit card. On average, each German keeps €2200 cash at home. Typically, Germans carried €103 in their wallets in 2016, compared to €65 for […]

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Cash is alive and kicking

While there has been speculation that we will soon be witnessing the “death of cash”, a Cardtronics study finds that cash is alive and well, and leading the way for some payment categories. Cash has an important place in the wallets and minds of Americans and is even leading the way in some methods of […]

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International Bank Note Society

IBNS – for the love of banknotes

The International Banknote Society has published the winner of it’s prestigious ‘Banknote of the Year’ award for 2016. The Swiss National Bank was voted this eminent distinction for the 50 franc note. With over 120 banknotes issued in 2016, the competition was significant with runners-up including the Maldives Islands 1000 Rufiyaa tortoise/whale shark; Argentina’s 500 Peso […]

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Australian banks call to scrap the avocado.

They are not something you see in your wallet every day, but the vividly coloured Australian $100 note, sometimes known as the ‘avocado’ may be scrapped if the Reserve Bank of Australia heeds calls from analysts. “Removing large denomination notes in Australia would be good for the economy and good for the banks,” UBS analysts […]

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