Bloodhound to use Spinnaker’s tracking technology.

The Bloodhound SSC and support vehicle fleet will be using Spinnaker’s unique tracking technology as part of their low speed testing later this year.

The Bloodhound will be visiting Newquay later in 2017 in order to conduct low speed systems testing. As part of that testing, Spinnaker will be supplying a specialised tracking system to monitor the Bloodhound and key vehicles. For the high speed attempt, the tracking system will be expanded to cover all vehicles and to allow the ground traffic controller to send and receive information to any of the vehicles involved.

As part of Spinnaker’s ongoing commitment to the project, we recently took delivery of a 1/10th scale replica of the Bloodhound SSC which will be put on permanent display in our factory.


Pictured: Tony Parraman of Bloodhound and Michael Brown of Spinnaker.