Spinnaker Secure Innovation Cash Is Clean ESTA Conference Dublin

Spinnaker ESTA Conference Dublin

We’re looking forward to the next ESTA conference ‘Cash is Clean’ in Dublin. “The conference will focus on the issue of cash and money laundering without taboo.”

If you’re thinking of heading over to Dublin, make sure you get in touch to book a meeting with our team. We can discuss how our innovative technology can provide secure solutions for your business

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Brinks acquire majority stake in G4S

The Brink’s Company will be acquiring a majority stake in G4S plc for US$860 million (£660 million) the company announced on Wednesday 26th February. The acquisition adds fourteen new markets to Brink’s portfolio: the Netherlands, Malaysia, Romania, Belgium, Ireland, Kuwait, the Czech Republic, the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, Cyprus, Indonesia, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia. This acquisition does […]

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Press Release: Spinnaker releases “complex degradation”

Spinnaker releases new cash degradation technology. “Better degradation technology makes for a stronger deterrent.”   Saltash, Cornwall, 4th December 2019 Spinnaker is providing “complex degradation” to two European clients who wanted to increase the deterrent effect of their cash degradation equipment in the face of ongoing attacks. “Complex degradation” is a term coined by Spinnaker […]

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Press Release: Loomis US implements iBox technology

LOOMIS IMPLEMENTS IBOX TECHNOLOGY TO DETER ARMORED CAR ROBBERIES The new addition deepens security features to protect guards, cash, and improve tracking (HOUSTON, TX) — Loomis is introducing iBox, a proprietary cash-in-transit (CIT) technology, into its armored car division, advancing how the cash management leader secures customer cash and protects transportation guards across the country. Developed by Spinnaker, […]

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500mph in the desert

The Bloodhound LSR touched down in South Africa to prepare for High Speed Testing. The team plan to take Bloodhound up to 500mph on the specially prepared test track in the Kalahari desert. Bloodhound LSR are using Spinnaker’s asset monitoring service, ‘CashTrack’  to keep track of key support vehicles during the testing. It is impossible […]

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‘Community Access to Cash’ initiative

UK Finance has launched an initiative to help communities identify and secure access to cash and payment services. “The Community Access to Cash Initiative will provide communities with the opportunity to report gaps in cash provision through their elected officials. The initiative will provide grant support and industry guidance to local communities to improve access […]

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