ATM Innovation aids Puerto Ricans after Hurricane Maria

Following the destruction wrought by Hurricane Maria, Oriental Bank (a subsidiary of OFG Bancorp) is deploying new full service ATMs with live video and audio communications.

The new ATMs will permit customers to communicate with bank tellers as they carry out their banking activities. Customers will be able to use the ATMs to make payments on loans, cards and utilities; deposits and withdrawals; check cashing; and money transfers.

“Video ATMs are the latest capital investments being made by Oriental to offer new and different customer solutions as another way to help Puerto Rico’s recovery,” Ganesh Kumar, senior executive vice president and chief operating officer at OFG Bancorp, said in a press release. “We can’t let the hurricanes stop us. We have to forge ahead to help customers get on with their lives and help the economy get moving again.”

The first ATMs  will be located in San Juan and are available during normal business hours. Additional ATMs will be made available around the island as the ATMs become available.

“People want banks to make their lives easier,” said Debbie Sabater, Oriental’s senior vice president of retail strategy. “Our video ATMs provide easy and convenient access to ATM banking services with the added benefit of a personal interaction with a teller at the touch of a button.”