Control and track vehicles, iBoxes, ATMs, safes and other assets from a single software application.

CashTrack lets you monitor, follow and manage your assets anywhere. Developed specifically for the cash security industry, the CashTrack service enables security managers, tracking teams and the police to monitor the location of high value assets all of the time.

Asset monitoring

Simple to use and convenient, CashTrack is a smart and secure asset monitoring solution. With true global coverage, multiple languages, desktop and mobile versions and a global GSM partner, CashTrack offers a cost effective and comprehensive service for monitoring your assets.


CashTrack can be used to control and monitor the Spinnaker iBox, Cash In Transit vehicles, ATMs or almost any other third party device.

Using proprietary X-Talk™ technology, CashTrack devices can communicate with one another and authorised users through the mobile app or desktop.

Asset Protection

Cash in transit vehicles and CashTrack equipped iBoxes (or other devices) are capable of communicating with one another and responding to user instructions.

Instantly identify which iBoxes are loaded onto which cash in transit vehicle by interrogating the vehicle’s CashTrack device. The service identifies each iBox as soon as it is loaded onto the vehicle, reducing the time spent checking which iBoxes are on every vehicle and freeing up time for other operational activities.

If an iBox is stolen, the user can instantly check the automatically generated list of iBoxes for a vehicle, see which iBox is missing and begin tracking it immediately. iBoxes can be activated remotely, if the vehicle tracker enters alarm mode.


Security updates can be sent to the iBoxes remotely.


X-Talk enables the iBox CashTrack device to enter low power mode on the vehicle, prolonging battery life.

Spinnaker and Bloodhound SSC

Wing Commander Andy Green explains how Spinnaker’s tracking technology will assist in the Bloodhound SSC 1000mph world record attempt.


iBox, a high capacity, intelligent cash protection box with ink degradation for the secure transport and storage of cash.

iBox RDS

iBox RDS, an intelligent, deposit only cash protection box with ink degradation.

iBox a2m

a2m, ink protected ATM cassettes with the ability to detect and respond to physical attacks by staining their contents with indelible security ink.

iBox SafePay

iBox SafePay, an integrated component of the Gunnebo ‘closed cash cycle’ retail solution. It captures the cash deposited into the SafePay unit and holds it securely until the iBox is collected and emptied.