500mph in the desert

The Bloodhound LSR touched down in South Africa to prepare for High Speed Testing. The team plan to take Bloodhound up to 500mph on the specially prepared test track in the Kalahari desert.

Bloodhound LSR are using Spinnaker’s asset monitoring service, ‘CashTrack’  to keep track of key support vehicles during the testing.

It is impossible to visually keep tabs on everything in the desert due to the size of the operating area and the curvature of the earth.

CashTrack will display asset information on its software app and enable the ground traffic controller to keep track of key assets and ensure they are in ‘safe zones’ during the 500mph test runs.

Spinnaker is very pleased to be an official supplier to Bloodhound LSR and looks forward to the team breaking the land speed record in 2020!