Month: March 2016

Swedish Central Bank demands access to cash.

Sweden’s death of cash might be some time away. The Governor of the Swedish Riksbank today issued a statement that the availability of cash should be a legal right in Sweden. Stefan Ingves went on to say that banks have reduced their cash handling services too quickly. This has led to a lack of availability […]

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South Korea to go cashless in four years.

The Bank of Korea is planning to implement a cashless economy by 2020. In 2014 the Bank of Korea issued an average of 7.3% less banknotes (across 1000, 5000 and 10000 Won denominations). As large technology providers occupy the payment space, services such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and the forthcoming LG Pay, it is […]

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Cash in Transit robbers convicted

A North London gang of eight cash-in-transit robbers who laundered their stolen cash in automated payment machines were today convicted of their crimes. The gang would rob cash-in-transit guards, make their getaways in stolen vehicles and break into the iBoxes in secluded locations. When confronted with stained notes from the iBoxes, the criminals would launder […]

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