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Santander launches talking ATMs for partially sighted customers

Santander is the first bank in the UK to launch talking ATMs in all of its branches for blind and partially sighted customers.

The customer can plug headphones into the ATMs and access the same services as other customers.

The new ATMs have been launched …


Bank of England unveils polymer £10 note

Today the Bank of England unveiled the new £10 banknote. Like the £5 note, this is a polymer note and will be officially launched on the 14th September.

The Bank of England has ordered a printing run of a billion ‘tenners’ which will be distributed in anticipation …


IBNS - for the love of banknotes

The International Banknote Society has published the winner of it’s prestigious ‘Banknote of the Year’ award for 2016. The Swiss National Bank was voted this eminent distinction for the 50 franc note.

With over 120 banknotes issued in 2016, the competition was significant with runners-up including the Maldives Islands 1000 …


Opinion: Amazon Go - the iceberg of mass unemployment looms.

Amazon Go is the latest attempt by an e-commerce and software services company to enter the physical world. (Like Tron, but backwards).

The Amazon Go concept is a retailer (grocer in this instance), where you walk in, grab what you want and Just Walk Out™ (…