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Innovative secure technologies from Spinnaker – protecting cash and assets, and reducing theft the world over.

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Spinnaker – world leaders in intelligent cash protection solutions, designed and manufactured in Cornwall, South West England.

Global Reach

Over 50,000 cash and asset protection systems in daily use around the world safeguarding the cash in transit, banking and retail sectors.

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With a global network of service centres, Spinnaker delivers after-sales care and support to minimise disruption to your operation.


Cardless ATMs, making life easier?

Mobile payment platforms such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet may have been touted as the next big thing, but they are a long way from convincing us to go ‘cashless’. A recent study by Cardtronics


Afghanistan to consider introducing polymer banknotes

The Central Bank of Afghanistan (CBA) is assessing a proposal to print plastic banknotes for the country. 

Studies by the CBA show that annually banknotes to the value of 3.3 billion AFN (US$ 47.7M) are aging and falling out of use. The issue of …


Video ATMs used to help Puerto Rican's access full banking services

Following the destruction of Hurrican Maria, Oriental Bank (a subsidiary of OFG Bancorp) is using technology to help Puerto Ricans rebuilding their lives. Video ATMs with live video and audio communication with live tellers.

“Video ATMs are the latest capital investments being made by Oriental …


Wir alle lieben Bargeld, für jetzt.

No other nation in Europe likes paying with Bargeld as much as Germans do. 

According to a report by Barkow consulting, only around 5% of transactions in Germany are made by credit card. On average, each German keeps €2200 cash at home.

Typically, …