Spinnaker Innovation

Of all business assets, cash is the most at risk from theft or fraud. With Spinnaker’s cutting-edge cash protection systems you can secure your most vulnerable assets. When you need to transport or store cash and valuables, or protect and track stolen ATMs, Spinnaker’s advanced technology makes it easy. As a market leader operating in over 30 countries worldwide, Spinnaker innovates secure technologies for companies in the cash in transit, banking and retail sectors.

Cash Collections

Safeguard your cash in transit and protect your employees from threat. Designed to detect and respond to physical attacks, the iBox, RDS and SafePay cash protection boxes will stain cash with an indelible security ink. Your cash in transit staff can safely surrender the iBox and reduce their risk of being hurt, knowing thieves will be denied any reward from their crime.


ATM Protection

Protect ATMs and your cash from theft, ram raids and explosive attacks. Spinnaker secures ATMs at every stage of the operation. Secure ATM cassettes use ink staining technology as a theft deterrent.



With Spinnaker solutions such as iBox SafePay and r2m, retailers don’t have to take risks with cash handling. These intelligent cash boxes reduce unnecessary cash handling, eliminate shrinkage, internal fraud and deter theft. Their compact design means they will fit comfortably and unobtrusively into the smallest point of sale area.

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Asset Protection

When you need to protect more than just your cash, asset tracking and DNA tagging comes in handy. Spinnaker has a patented tracking solution (CrimeTrack) and offers multiple DNA marking systems for identifying your property.

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