iBox SafePay - closed cash handling

Deter external attacks and internal fraud risk with iBox SafePay. A secure and reliable way to store and transport cash deposits. iBox SafePay integrates with the Gunnebo SafePay ‘closed cash cycle’ retail solution.

iBox cash protection range

Whatever your needs, there’s an iBox to keep cash in transit secure. That’s why the iBox is the world’s most widely used smart cash protection box.

Closed cash tracking

Reduce cash handling, human error and internal theft with iBox SafePay. Gunnebo SafePay counts cash as it is deposited in the iBox. Automated tracking from POS to your cash centre saves time and ensures total security.

Secure cash box exchange

With iBox SafePay, retail staff have no access to the cash deposits. Your cash in transit guard exchanges the full box for an empty one, protecting takings from point of sale to your cash centre.

Faster crediting

Automated cash counting and tracking means retailers’ accounts are credited within hours. iBox SafePay secures cash handling processes and boosts cash flow.

End-to-end ink cash protection

Take advantage of the world’s only true end-to-end ink protected cash solution available today. And it’s all thanks to a successful collaboration between Spinnaker and Gunnebo.

Specialists in security ink degradation solutions

With Spinnaker’s intelligent cash protection systems, physical attacks result in a security ink staining loose, bagged or plastic wrapped cash. Staff can reduce the risk of being harmed and relinquish the cash boxes knowing thieves will be denied any reward.

Cash and asset protection options

The intelligent Spinnaker range is flexible and versatile. Modular design and optional extras provide additional levels of security for cash and asset protection.

Asset recovery tracking

Track and recover your missing assets and help apprehend criminals with CashTrack. Accurate global tracking using GSM, RF and GPS.

DNA Marking

Add DNA markers to help you recover and identify your assets and bring criminals to justice.


Carry multiple iBoxes in your cash in transit vehicle in complete safety with our smart and secure rack solutions.


Increase security and control your iBox remotely with Spinnaker’s innovative technology.

Global Reach

The iBox is the most widely used smart cash protection box in the world with over 30,000 boxes in use in more than 30 countries today.


iBox, a high capacity, intelligent cash protection box with ink degradation for the secure transport and storage of cash.

iBox RDS

iBox RDS, an intelligent, deposit only cash protection box with ink degradation.

iBox a2m

a2m, ink protected ATM cassettes with the ability to detect and respond to physical attacks by staining their contents with indelible security ink.


r2m is an intelligent deposit-only cassette that protects cash at the point of sale and throughout the cash handling cycle.