ATM explosive gas attack prevention

Prevent explosive attacks

When core detects explosive gas being pumped into the ATM, it immediately releases a safe and effective suppressant which neutralises the explosive gas and prevents any explosion from occurring.

Responding to attacks

On detection of explosive gas, core releases a nonflammable suppressant which prevents any explosion occurring for an extended period of time.

core can also be linked into an external security system. When explosive gas is detected, an alert output is sent to the nominated security system.


core is a retrofit solution that is compatible with any almost model of ATM. It will function independently of the ATM or can be integrated into an alarm system. Once installed, core is undetectable from the exterior of the ATM.


iBox, a high capacity, intelligent cash protection box with ink degradation for the secure transport and storage of cash.

iBox RDS

An intelligent, deposit only cash protection box with ink degradation.

iBox a2m

Ink protected ATM cassettes with the ability to detect and respond to physical attacks by staining their contents with indelible security ink.

iBox SafePay

iBox SafePay, an integrated component of the Gunnebo ‘closed cash cycle’ retail solution. It captures the cash deposited into the SafePay unit and holds it securely until the iBox is collected and emptied.