Case Studies

Some of the ways Spinnaker has been able to help our customers cut costs, reduce risk and be a little more efficient.

Keeping track of the world's fastest car

Bloodhound LSR are using Spinnaker’s asset monitoring service, ‘CashTrack’  to keep track of key support vehicles during High Speed Testing in South Africa.

It is impossible to visually keep tabs on everything in the desert due to the size of the operating area and the curvature of the earth.

CashTrack will display asset information on its software app and enable the ground traffic controller to keep track of key assets and ensure they are in ‘safe zones’ during the 500mph test runs.


Preventing ATM explosive gas attacks - a2m in the UK.

A client was experiencing a high number of attacks on their ATM estate. Organised criminals were using explosive gas to destroy their ATMs and gain access to the cash inside.

The client wanted a solution that would deter criminals from further gas attacks and protect the cash against other forms of physical attack.

Spinnaker proposed the a2m cassette protection system, with gas detection. On detection of explosive gas, the a2m cassettes release permanent security ink and CrimeTag (DNA tagging) onto the banknotes. This approach renders the cash unusable and the criminals are unable to benefit from attacking the ATM.

a2m is able to detect many forms of physical attack and protect the cash at all time whilst it is in the cassette.

No guns, no armour - iBox in Chile

LGS Chile wanted a safer way of collecting cash that did not draw attention to their activities.

They wanted to implement a secure, low profile cash in transit service. The Spinnaker iBox was considered to be the best and safest solution available. This was based on extensive competitive research and current solutions in place in Europe.

LGS operates a fleet of small vans, each with fitted with a smart rack. These racks hold multiple iBoxes which allows a single unarmed guard to make deliveries and collections of cash quickly and without drawing unwanted attention.

Retail cash protection with r2m

RCCS in the Netherlands have been using r2m as part of their ‘Smart Safe’ solution for several years.

The ink protection of r2m eliminates the risk of shrinkage, eliminating the need for a bulky safe at the point of sale and enables a single guard to make collections in safety.

RCCS saw a requirement for an automated cash handling solution that could track cashflow, eliminate loss and maintain a high level of security across the cash cycle.

Using CPI software and note acceptors, the retailer can monitor their cashflow and eliminate the need for manual counting. RCCS can use a single person vehicle and the Spinnaker r2m unit protects the cash from the point of sale to the cash centre.

Gunnebo Safepay

Gunnebo SafePay counts the cash into the closed loop. The cash is transferred via the Cash Transfer Unit from the point of sale to the SCL unit in the back office. The cash is counted directly into the iBox through an automated note acceptor. When a pre-defined limit is reached, a cash in transit collection request is made.

The CIT guard exchanges the full iBox for an empty unit and the collected iBox is opened at the cash centre where it is remitted to the customer’s account.

By automating the counting process, errors are eliminated and the retailer can receive crediting to their account within a few hours. The cash values are tracked at all times throughout the process.

More information on the Gunnebo SafePay retail solution can be found here.

iBox as a residential safe.

A customer in France uses Spinnaker technology to offer a residential safe solution to customers.

An iBox is left at the customer location and the customer loads the iBox with cash. Once the box is full, the guard exchanges the full box for an empty one and the cash is remitted.