ATM Protection Solutions

Thieves see ATMs as easy targets delivering high rewards. Gas attacks, pull-out attempts and ram raids are commonplace. Spinnaker’s innovative cash protection systems are safeguarding ATMs from attack in more than 30 countries across the world.


If thieves succeed in breaching your ATM, a2m cassette protection makes sure they will have no reward. The a2m cash cassette, available for many types of ATM, a2m uses ink degradation to neutralise cash and deter crime.

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core is an explosive gas detection and suppression system for ATMs.

When explosive gas is pumped into the ATM, core immediately releases a safe and effective suppressant which neutralises the explosive gas and prevents an explosion from occurring.

iBox a2m

An iBox for the cross pavement transport of a2m and r2m cassettes. The iBox a2m acts as an extra layer of protection, transporting the cassette inside. If an attack is detected, it communicates with the cassette which activates, staining the contents with an indelible security ink.

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ATM monitoring and tracking

cashtrack is a secure ATM monitoring and tracking service which is compatible with any make and model of ATM.

Using a combination of sensors and power monitoring cashtrack equipped ATMs can detect tilt and ram raid attacks. When an attack occurs, cashtrack will automatically alert the ATM operator / local law enforcement that an attack is in progress.

Using GSM, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, RF and On-Point(TM), the ATM can be tracked and safely recovered.