Secure Innovation

Innovative secure technologies from Spinnaker – protecting cash and assets, and reducing theft the world over.

British Engineering

Spinnaker – world leaders in intelligent cash protection solutions, designed and manufactured in Cornwall, South West England.

Global Reach

Over 50,000 cash and asset protection systems in daily use around the world safeguarding the cash in transit, banking and retail sectors.

Customer Service

With a global network of service centres, Spinnaker delivers after-sales care and support to minimise disruption to your operation.


Pay @ Pump primes pre-Christmas parties

Pay @ Pump is a contactless self-service beer pump for drinkers tired of long queues at the bar.

“I’m sure everyone has been stuck behind the person who orders the most complicated cocktail on the menu or a round of ten drinks for their group …


DBS Bank makes access to cash easier to drive down costs.

In a bid to maintain the accessibility of cash DBS Bank has added another 60 retailer locations to its cash-back programme in Singapore. Customers can now withdraw up to $200 SGD free of charge, with any purchase at over 880 retail locations.

The POSB cash back locations can …


Cash and taxes in Alaska

Alaska recently voted to legalise marijuana. However, as marijuana sales are still illegal at a federal level in the US, this means many banks and credit unions won’t permit marijuana businesses to open bank accounts.

In a tacit acknowledgment of this problem, the Alaskan department …


Cash is still King, eh!

The Canadian Payment Methods and Trends (CPMT) report published in November revealed that Canadians still vastly prefer cash over other forms of payment. However, use of cash is slowing as demands …